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PLF Productions' Software Archive

The Jesus Christ RPG was created by Sean Fahey and Domenic Sherony for their 2nd quarter Morality project. Using RPG Maker 2000 and the hundreds of chip and character sets found on the web, comes a game where you are Jesus himself and you have to find all 12 Apostles and maybe even the bonus Mary Magdalene super character. At the end you your journey you battle Satan himself on the tough streets of post apocalyptic Earth!

Virtual Mom v1.0 was created by Sean Fahey in response to incessant nagging during long days of surfing the web and playing games instead of cleaning the house or researching scholarships.  A simple program written in visual basic, Virtual Mom makes a great gift for a homesick college student that misses the constant nagging of parents.

Atomic Monopoly.  The Monopoly mod that's sweeping the nation.  You want it.  We have it.  Rules are here.  Handy dandy round counter courtesy of Chris Kolaczkowski is available here.  This is still a work in progress, but it will enhance your Monopoly playing experience.  Requires Risk pieces, Monopoly Jr. pieces, and something that glides across a smooth surface and reminds you of a device capable of nuclear devastation.