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These pages feature computer game reviews that stretch way back. In the days before hard drives, when a 20mHz processor was top of the line, to the present day.


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Oregon Trail Type: Educational/Role Playing

Created by MECC, Oregon Trail is a classic. I'm talking 128k 5.5 inch floppy disks. Shooting buffalo on the Great Plains is a highlight.


Rocket Factory Type: Educational

Also created by MECC, Rocket Factoy was a 1st grade favorite. You design a rocket, then shoot it up


Lewis and Clark Stayed Home Type: Educational/Trading

Yet another created by MECC, you fill in for a sick Lewis and Clark and explore the American West. You talk and trade with tribes thought the new Louisiana Purchase.


Munchers Series Type: Educational

Another MECC game. Number Munchers, Word Munchers, and whatever else. Never a big favorite of mine, but still has a loyal following.


Freedom Type: Educational

Finally, the last MECC game of the list. In Freedom, you are a slave in the south that must escape to the north. I haven't played it in years, because the disk isn't working, but from what I remember, it was as much non stop action as you could get on an Apple II.


The Playroom Type: Educational

Created by Bourderbund Software (The guys who made Myst, Riven, and the Print Shop (not a game) were in this company.) The Playroom was one of the first games I owned. It had one of the first copy write protection codes, which could be bypassed by photocopying the manual, and had a couple board games built in.


Kid Pix and Kid Pix Companion & Slide Show Type: Paint Program

I think Kid Pix was also created by Bourderbund Software. It was made at least 10 years ago, and it is still better than MS Paint. MS Paint can convert file formats, but Kid Pix let you make slide shows, create your own stamps, convert type to Espanola, and has cool ways of erasing things.


Loom Type: Action/Adventure

Loom was created by LucasFilm, parent company of Lucas Arts. It has to be one of the greatest pre-Mac OS 7 and pre-Windows 95 Games. You are a young spell weaver left alone by you Guild. You must find your fellow Guildmates, who were turned into swans, and are residing in another dimension


Out of This World Type: Side Scrolling Action

Created by Macplay, a division of Interplay. Out of this World is about a young scientist who is messing with his particle accelerator, and gets kicked into another dimension. This game is good because of its well blended puzzles and awesome action. You can kick leaches, be in a gladiator fight, crawl through toxic gas pipes, and shoot alien scum. Screenshots!


Star Trek: 25th Anniversary Type: Arcade/Action

Another game created by Macplay/Interplay. One of the best features of this game is the build in copy write protection key. You need the starchart that came with the game to go to your missions. If you choose the wrong place, you end up fighting the Klingons, Romulans, or Orion Pirates. Besides starship battles, you can beam down to a mission planet and, well, complete missions. Screenshots!